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Phil began experimenting with synthesisers and technology,playing in bands and working for SYCO systems,Peter Gabriel’s Tech company. working on the new Fairlight,computer musical instrument.


He started working for mega producer "Mutt Lange" a relationship that lasted 10 years,working on bands such as Def Leppard, Bryan Adams and Billy Ocean.
With his own regular tv and film work he became very busy,but still wanted his own projects so he formed "Mombassa" a dance band and signed them to MCA. A No 1 dance song cry freedom" was the result, which has become a club dance classic.

He has produced tracks for Westlife,Toyah and Samantha Fox.
Phil has recorded 8 libuary albums for Bruton Music,
which are used all over the world. Phils music feautured in "the
making of The Matrix" starring Keanu Reeves.

He has done alot of television music, an astonomy series for the
BBC. and documentries for channel 4.
Phil has also scored some films,"Black soles" for jon bentata.. "media darlings" a Caleb Botton film. and many short films.

He has been working on many new media projects inluding "merkaba" a computer graphic video project.

He has recentley been working with Ivan Duran (Stonetree
Records) on the womens Garifuna project and Aurelio Martinez.


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